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Gulf Western 10w40 Syn-X 3000 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
5 Litres
Part Number: 30537

Gulf Western prides itself in only using the highest quality virgin base oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems allowing the company to hold some of the highest OEM approvals in todays market.

SYN–X 3000™ is a high performance, high quality, semi synthetic premium grade passenger car / light diesel engine oil meeting the latest in API additive technology and fuel efficiency. It is formulated with synthetic base stock ensuring cleaner engines, reduced engine wear and reduced oil oxidation. Boasting a 10W-40 viscosity, it offers rapid start up flow that reduces cold start wear and has excellent thermal stability. SYN–X 3000™ is recommended for most 4, 6 and 8 cylinder passenger cars manufactured from 1980 onward. It is suitable for turbo charged and super charged engines. It is recommended for Petrol, LPG and lightly loaded diesel engines.
For more information, please visit the manufacturers website.

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Listed Applications
Make & Model Engine Year Range
Holden Vectra 2.2 1998 to 2005
Honda Airwave GJ1 1.5 L15A 2005 to 2010
Honda CRV RD6 2.4 K24A 2004 to 2006
Nissan Pulsar EN15 1.6 GA16DE DOHC 16V 1995 to 2000
Nissan Sentra FBAN15 1.5 GA15DE DOHC 16V 1996 to 2000
Toyota Altezza GXE10 2.0 1G-FE DOHC 24V 1998 to 2005
Toyota Altezza GXE15 2.0 1G-FE DOHC 24V 2001 to 2005
Toyota BB NCP30 1.3 2NZ-FE DOHC 16V 2000 to 2005
Toyota BB NCP31 1.5 1NZ-FE DOHC 16V 2000 to 2005
Toyota BB NCP34 1.5 1NZ-FE DOHC 16V 2000 to 2005
Toyota BB NCP35 1.5 1NZ-FE DOHC 16V 2000 to 2005

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