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Ryco Fuel Filter

Part Number: Z373

Genuine quality is based on performance and genuine performance is based on efficiency, life and flow.
Ryco has developed a reliable industry standard for automotive filtration in the 3 critical areas:

Efficiency- The percentage of dirt that a filter removes
The filter paper or ‘media’ determines what the oil, air or fuel has to pass through and where the dirt is trapped. Working on the theory of a torturous path, the more twists and turns a particle of dirt has to take, the more likely it is to be captured.
Life - How long a filter lasts before clogging up
Dust-holding capacity of the filter determines how long its life is. The more high-quality paper inside the filter means the more dirt it will hold and the longer it will last.
Flow - How easily air, oil or fuel flows through the filter
Minimising resistance to flow ensures the engine is never starved of air, oil or fuel. Poor flow in a filter deprives engines of their vital needs, causing them to work harder, lose power and create rapid engine wear over shorter periods.

For more information, please visit the manufacturers website.

Interchange for:
Z373 RFF62 FF62SL 33265 FI0156 GFF373

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Listed Applications
Make & Model Engine Year Range
Ford Falcon AU 4.0 Ute 1998 to 2000
Ford Falcon AU 5.0 V8 Compare to Original 1998 to 2000
Ford Falcon AU2 4.0 with Independant Rear Suspension 2000 to 2001
Ford Falcon AU2 5.0 Tickford 2000 to 2001
Ford Falcon AU3 5.6 Tickford 2000 to 2002
Ford Falcon BA 4.0 2002 to 2005
Ford Falcon BA 5.4 V8 2002 to 2005
Ford Falcon BF 4.0 2005 to 2008
Ford Falcon BF 5.4 V8 2005 to 2008
Ford Falcon EB 3.9 1991 to 1992
Ford Falcon ED 4.0 1993 to 1994
Ford Falcon ED 5.0 V8 1993 to 1994
Ford Falcon EF 4.0 1994 to 1996
Ford Falcon EF 5.0 V8 1994 to 1996
Ford Falcon EL 4.0 1996 to 1998
Ford Falcon EL 5.0 V8 1996 to 1998
Ford Falcon FG 2.0 without OEM LPG 2012 to Now
Ford Falcon FG 4.0 without OEM LPG 2008 to 2011
Ford Falcon FG 5.4 V8 2008 to 2011
Ford Territory SX 4.0 2004 to 2005
Ford Territory SY 2005 to 2011

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