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Bosch Ceramic Front Brake Pad Set

Part Number: DB1108BL

The Bosch Blue Line brake pad range incorporates a variety of design features and numerous friction formulations which allow you to receive the best possible braking performance. While vehicle requirements may change, there’s one thing that will never diminish, and that’s Bosch’s commitment to quality and product development.

For more information, please visit the manufacturers website.

Interchange for:
DB1108 0164.30


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Listed Applications
Make & Model Engine Year Range
Ford Falcon AU 4.0 1998 to 2000
Ford Falcon EA 3.9 1988 to 1992
Ford Falcon EB 3.9 1991 to 1992
Ford Falcon EB 5.0 V8 1991 to 1993
Ford Falcon ED 4.0 1993 to 1994
Ford Falcon ED 5.0 V8 1993 to 1994
Ford Falcon EF 4.0 1994 to 1996
Ford Falcon EF 5.0 V8 1994 to 1996
Ford Falcon EF 5.0 V8 1994 to 1996
Ford Falcon EL 4.0 1996 to 1998
Ford Falcon EL 5.0 V8 All Models Except GT 1996 to 1998
Ford Falcon XH 4.0 1996 to 1999

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